Idaho Workers Compensation – The Insurance Company Is Sending Me For An “IME?”

If you have an Idaho workers compensation claim, you may be required to attend an “IME,” or Independent Medical Evaluation. The purpose of the exam is for the insurance company to have a doctor hired by them assess how you are doing, whether you need more medical treatment, whether you have an impairment rating and whether you can go back to your old job. Typically, the insurance doctor will have all of your medical records, your x-rays and MRI studies, and your accident report. The insurance doctor will likely have any medical records for treatment you had before the accident. Remember, the IME is being performed by a doctor hired by the insurance company, not you. But, you have a right to have another IME with a doctor of your choosing at your cost.

The insurance company has many doctors to choose from for your IME. However, finding a doctor to do an IME at the request of a claimant in a workers compensation case is not easy without help. At Caldwell Law Group, we can help guide you through the IME process, and help you locate an appropriate IME doctor of your choosing. At Caldwell Law Group, we have handled hundreds of workers compensation claims on behalf of workers. We can help guide you through the IME process. If you’ve been set up by the insurance company for an IME, call Caldwell Law Group now. The initial consultation is free. Call or email now.