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A truck driver is required have specialized knowledge, training, skills, and execution above and beyond that of a normal automobile driver. As a result, a truck driver is required to possess a commercial drivers license.

Extra Duties.  Part of the truck driver’s responsibilities include complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as those duties set forth by industry custom and practice as well as company procedures and policy. Usually, a truck driver must have knowledge and comply with these regulations and policies. In order to become a truck driver, certain training and expertise is required. Trucker drivers are also responsible for certain record keeping and reporting as well as roadside inspections.

Pre-Trip Inspection.  One of the requirements of the truck driver is a pre-trip inspection, which can include areas such as the engine compartment, driveline, steering, tires and wheels, and brakes. Some drivers face special driving situations including the transportation of hazardous materials or driving in construction or maintenance zones or other hazardous conditions.

Brakes.  The braking system on a truck, tractor or trailer is an important part of vehicle. The vehicle itself is complex mechanically and a failure to properly maintain such a vehicle can lead to an accident in serious injuries.

Experienced Trucking AttorneyIf you've been involved in an accident with a commercial truck and have been injured, an attorney representing you may be required to hire the services of an expert investigator with specialized knowledge, training and experience with commercial vehicles. An attorney may be required to gather witness statements, police reports, a copy of the driver’s log, maintenance records, personnel files, company records, and may need to document the crash site. Consulting with an attorney early after a truck accident can be important in ultimately being successful with your case.

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